High-Quality Anti Slip Tray mat manufacturers and suppliers for the aviation industry. Sky Air Printing has been manufacturing all sizes of Non-Skid Paper Tray liners for International airlines and Train for Over 9 years. Our factory is one of the biggest Tray Mat Manufacturers in China with 1,200,000 papers per day capacity.

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Anti slip Tray mat suppliers in China

We dedicate to improve the total efficiency of the Tray Mat production process. The Secret of efficiency is total in house production. We committed to meet delivery dates, which are very important in the inflight products industry. To improve the product quality and efficiency we implemented continuous improvement practices that ultimately provide a better product….

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Anti slip Tray mat Manufacturers in China

Our well-trained, highly skilled employees specialized in the airline Anti-slip tray mat manufacturing process. Employee’s skills always monitor for optimum performance and quality. The hygiene and welfare of the employees are also maintained at the highest level. Sky Air Holdings companies believe that only satisfied employees provide their best to the company.

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Why you should Select Sky Air as THE Anti-Slip Tray Mat Supplier

As the largest Anti Slip Tray mat Manufacturers in China, we have the ability to deliver your goods within minimum lead time. Newly installed high-speed Cutting edge flexographic printers added 600,000 anti-slip tray mats per day capacity. This newly added capacity made us the largest nonslip tray mat manufacturer in China – most probably in the world.


Types of Anti-Skid Paper We are Manufacturing

Sky Air Printing manufacture different types of anti-slip tray mats. Some of them are single side anti slid tray mats and some of them are double side nonslip paper. Sky Air Printing also manufactures double side non-slip, and water-resistant artboard anti-slip tray mats, round corner tray liners, squire corners anti-skid tray liners as well. Our printers are capable to print up to seven colors so Sky Air Printing can print any complex design in our factory. If you work with us once, you will understand the difference between us.