anti skid tray mat

Anti Skid Tray Mats are mainly used in Aviation industry as an inflight product. There are two types of inflight anti skid tray mats, which are paper and polymer. According to the market research conducted in 2018, over 80% airlines are using anti skid paper tray mats.

Non Skid Airline Tray Liners comes in different sizes, different thicknesses, and different printings. In this Article you can get a brief understanding about the Anti slip tray mats.

Regular Sizes of Tray Mats

Generally in the tray mat manufacturers use flexographic printing. However, depends on the situation, offset printing also use to improve the color accuracy.

There are three common sizes, which are full size (1/1), 2/3, and half size (1/2), in anti slip papers. 2/3 is the mainly used size in the aviation industry; followed by half size and full size. Other than rectangular shaped tray mats,
round, oval, triangular, and custom shapes are also available.

Paper Thickness of Anti Skid Tray Mats

Anti Skid tray mat manufacturers mostly use two paper thicknesses, which are 70 and 80GSM**, for anti slip tray mats. Airlines prefer to use anti slip tray liners as thin as possible to reduce the added weight. However, if paper is too thin, it is difficult to print and paste anti slip solution. Therefore, anti slip paper tray mat manufacturers prefer to use 70 or 80GSM paper. Though manufacturers do not like to use lower GSM papers, sometimes, according to the airlines requirement, they have to manufacturer 55, 60, and 65gsm tray mats too.

Printing of Anti Skid Tray Mats

Most airlines do not design anti slip papers with many different colors. They are regularly printed in two colors but some airlines use up to six colors as well. According to our experience, airline tray mat designs are simple and elegant with the airlines logo or a slogan.

Anti Skid Tray Mat Manufacturers

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