non slip tray mat manufacturing in the factory
Sky Air Printing Co., Ltd – a member of Sky Air Holdings – is the biggest non slip tray mat, Anti slip paper tray mat manufacturer in China. Our production capacity is 1,200,000 full size (1/1) anti slip paper tray mat per day.

We have two Anti Skid Tray Mat manufacturing facilities in Jiangsu Province China. Capacity of the first factory, which was built in 2010, is 400,000 papers per day. Second factory, which was commissioned in 2016, has 800,000 papers per day capacity.

Sky Air Printing has three flexographic printing machines and 12 final processing lines. All printers are equipped with digital printing accuracy monitors those can measure the printing and color accuracy.

non slip tray mat manufacturing (packing) in the factory

Our regular anti slip tray mat sizes are varying from 50 X 50 mm to 360 X 480 mm and thickness is varying from 60 to 180 GSM. We are regularly manufacturing square, rectangular, and round shape tray mats. However, according to your requirement, we can manufacture any shape of  anti skid tray mat.

We have over 120 well trained factory staff,including Quality Assurance and quality controlling staff. Quality department is directly controlled by Sky Air Holdings Co., Limited , which is our Mother Company.

over 50 international and domestic airlines are purchasing antislip tray mat form us directly or through trading companies. Following are some of the airlines we supply anti slip tray mats.

Emirates, Thai Airway,  Hawaiian Airlines, Air India, Sri Lankan, Qantas, Oman Air, Royal Brunei, Saudia, Delta, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Air Canada, Air Asia, Air Astana, China Eastern, China Airlines are some of our customers.

We are committed to provide the best quality non slip tray mat/ anti slip tray mats to the aviation industry .

Following video is one of our anti slip glue pasting machinery located in the Jiangsu Anti Slip tray mat manufacturing facility.